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Construction Services Data Sheet - Simple form listing contractor's basic information and contacts .

Contractor's Complete   Questionnaire/Application for Bond Program - Required questionnaire for con-tractor's seeking to initiate a bond program. This form list all the detailed information a surety company will re -view and use to begin its normal under-writing.

Personal Financial Statement Form - Standard personal financial form required from each principal of the company.

Personal Financial Statement Certification Form - used with the personal financial statement to attest to the accuracy and complete disclosure of the personal financial statement.

Bank Letters - form for your bank to complete showing current banking information for your firm

Key Personnel Resume Form -use this form when resumes are not readily available or up to date

Update Questionnaire - an annual update questionnaire

Work on Hand Schedule - forms lists all current work on hand as a specified date. Available in Excel Work-on-Hand Spreadsheet Form, too.

Bid Bond Request Sheet - Tuttle & Traina generic Bid Bond Request Sheet.

Final Bond Request Sheet - Tuttle & Traina generic Final Bond Request Sheet.

Job Cost Work Sheet - For some bids your surety may require a job cost breakdown before approving a bid bond or to support your final bond request when there is a bid spread.

Bond Close-Out Forms - Not frequently required by a surety, but use of these forms is "good practice" to have all subcontractors and suppliers sign off on a contract.


WORK-IN-PROGRESS SCHEDULE - excel spread sheet format with completed contract schedule.

COMPLETED CONTRACT SCHEDULE - excel spread sheet format for completed contracts to include with financial statements

How to Choose A Professional Surety Agent

What to expect from your Surety Program

Chapter 149 § 44 A through M (Buildings)

Other Construction Forms

DCAM Application  

Personal Automobile Information

Kelley Blue Book - Guiding the Car Buyer

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles - MASSRMV.COM - online transactions for license replacements; renew registrations; change address; order special plates; pay citations (tickets)

Massachusetts Driver's License Information - who needs a license; photo-image licenses; and more.

Registry of Motor Vehicles Forms Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Forms

Massachusetts RMV Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Form - New Form



Current News & Files

Who Should Plan for a Pandemic....
Pandemic Planning To reduce the impact of a pandemic on your operations, employees, customers and the general public, it is important for all businesses and organizations to begin continuity planning for a pandemic now. Lack of continuity planning can result in a cascade of failures as employers attempt to address challenges of a pandemic with insufficient resources and employees who might not be adequately trained in the jobs they will be asked to perform. Proper planning will allow employers to better protect their employees and prepare for changing patterns of commerce and potential disruptions in supplies or services. Important tools for pandemic planning for employers are located at


Pandemic Severity Index ...........

Pandemic Index Slides

News from Beacon Hill:
Carbon Monoxide Alarms Required in Residential Buildings …

In an effort to curb the number of recent deaths resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning, the Legislature passed a law, referred to as Nicole’s law, that is set to become effective March 31, 2006. Nicole’s law will require all residential dwellings, buildings or structures, including those owned by the Commonwealth, occupied for residential purposes and containing fossil-fuel burning equipment, such as a furnace, boiler, water heater, fireplace or any other apparatus, appliance or device that burns fossil fuel to be equipped with an approved carbon monoxide detector, in conformance with the requirements of the board of fire prevention. In addition, if these dwellings incorporate enclosed parking within its structure, the owner would be required to install a carbon monoxide detector as well.
State Fire Marshal's Directive on CO Detector Requirements

The carbon monoxide alarm requirements shall include, but not be limited to, a requirement that the alarm be either an approved battery-powered alarm or an approved electrical wiring alarm as defined by the board. The board of fire prevention shall promulgate regulations to effectuate this new law. Every dwelling, building or structure occupied for residential purposes shall, upon sale or transfer, be inspected by the head of the fire department for compliance with the requirements of the law. A fee may be charged for the inspection ranging anywhere from $25 to $500 depending upon the number of units in the building.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements:

MA Regulation 527 CMR 31.00 (Nicole’s Law) becomes effective on 3/31/06. Where hardwire systems are required, the deadline is 1/1/07.

Who is Affected?

The law is applicable to the owners of apartments, condominiums, townhouses, group residences, multi-family and single family homes that have fossil-fuel burning equipment or enclosed parking areas. Buildings classified by the State Building Code as R-2 thru R-5 are affected.

Construction Law Update in Massachusetts Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2004

AN ACT FURTHER REGULATING PUBLIC CONSTRUCTION IN THE COMMONWEALTH. Whereas , The deferred operation of this act would tend to defeat its purpose, which is forthwith to regulate further public construction in the commonwealth, therefore it is hereby declared to be an emergency law, necessary for the immediate preservation of the public convenience. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:


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Workers Compensation Rate Changes

General Revision of Rates - Effective September 1, 2005

A rate level decrease of 3.0% was approved effective 12:01 A.M., September 1, 2005, applicable to new and renewal policies.

- Click on the following link for the September 1, 2005 rates in PDF format.

- Click on the following link for the Excel Version of the September 1, 2005 rates.

New Excavation Permitting Process in Massachusetts ....

7.01: Purpose, Scope, and Exceptions.
(1) The purpose of 520 CMR 7.00 is to establish reasonable requirements to protect the safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth from the hazards inherent in excavations and to provide the penalties for individuals who violate any provision of this regulation.
Any person who has created, or has caused to be created, any trench or excavation shall not leave that trench or excavation unattended without first making every reasonable effort to eliminate any recognized safety hazard that may exist as a result of leaving said open trench or excavation unattended.... 
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Understanding Teen Driver Car Crashes Whenever we get behind the wheel of a car we begin the process of risk analysis and risk assessment. We are looking about and answering these questions with every glance, Is there anything in my way keeping me from implementing this action? Is it safe? How can I best go about implementing this action and what might the likely consequences be?...

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"New" Forms For Download - forms and documents for you use - Insurance and Bonds

Workers' Compensation Insurance Frequently Asked Questions - Division of Insurance Questions and Answer Par - Massachusetts

Changes in the Massachusetts' Workers' Compensation Coverage - WCRIB Circular Letter 1902 - An Act Relative To Workers' Compensation Coverage For Sole Proprietors, Partnerships And Corporate Officers, also known as Chapter 169 of the Acts and Resolves of 2002, became effective on October 23,2002. This Act amends Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 152, § 1(4), to make it possible (i) for sole proprietors and partners of a legal partnership to elect coverage for themselves as employees and (ii) for certain corporate officers and directors to exempt themselves from here


Conspicuity Requirements for Commercial Motor Vehicle - There are three separate groups of commercial motor vehicles subject to the FMCSA’s requirements and the date of manufacture for the vehicle must be known to determine the applicability of the rules to the vehicle. The rules cover trailers manufactured on or after December 1, 1993, the retrofitting of trailers built before that date, and truck tractors built on or after July 1, 1997.


An Employers Guide to Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Insurance - Complied by the Division of Industrial Accidents

Workers' Compensation Rating & Inspection Board - 2001 Rate Filing - On May 31, 2001, the Commissioner approved a 1.0% increase in average rates for all policies effective on an after July 1, 2001, which was stipulated to by both parties.

Other Division of Industrial Accidents (Workers' Compen-sation) Forms and Information - Employer's Guide To Massachusetts Workers' Comp System ; Most Frequently Asked Questions; Employer's First Report of Injury/Illness/Death Form; Employer's First Report of Injury/Illness/Death Form Reverse side (codes); Mandatory Poster; Bay State Business Connection - A one-stop information source for new companies; M.G.L. c.
152 Workers' Comp. Statute; 452 C.M.R. 1.00 - 7.00 Rules and Regs. of the DIA;Obtaining M.G.L. c. 152, 452 C.M.R. 1.00 - 7.00 And Medical Rates in hard copy

STATE OFFICE OF MINORITY AND WOMEN BUSINESS ASSIS-TANCE - 425 CMR 2.00 shall govern the process of certification of minority, woman and minority/woman business enterprises, non-profit organizations and joint ventures by the Massachusetts State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA), a division of the Office of Minority and Women Business Development and Employment (OMWBDE) within the Department of Economic Development, in all matters arising out of M.G.L. c. 23A, §§ 39 through 44, M.G.L. c. 7, § 40N, Executive Order No. 237, and Executive Order No. 390 of the Governor of Massachusetts. 425 CMR 2.00 shall be construed to secure the just, speedy and fair determination of every matter and proceeding within its scope.





Insurance Terms & Definitions: Look up Insurance terms and Definitions.

Glossary of Shipping Terms

MCS 90


Financial responsibility means having insurance policies or surety bonds sufficient to satisfy the minimum public liability requirements. Public liability means liability for bodily injury, property damage, and environmental restoration. Environmental restoration means restitution for the loss, damage, or destruction of natural resources arising out of an accidental discharge of toxic or other environmentally harmful materials or liquids.

Requirements for Financial Responsibility Motor carriers of property operating commercial motor vehicles in interstate, foreign, or intrastate commerce, and for-hire carriers of passengers operating in interstate or foreign commerce must have at least the minimum amount of insurance required by law.
(See the Schedule of Limits in this folder for minimum levels of financial responsibility.)

The motor carrier must have proof of the minimum level of insurance at the company's principal place of business.
Proof may be shown by any of the following:

A MCS-90 Form should be carried on board the cabin.

Endorsements for Motor Carriers policies of insurance for public liability under Sections 29 and 30 of the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 (Form MCS-90) issued by an insurer.




Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company's Contractor "Best Practices" Brochure  - 2005

HWIC's 2005 Contractor's Informational Brochures:

Workers Compensation Best Practices Recommendations


Tuttle & Traina Insurance

All contractors hiring sub-contractors should read these contractual risk management recommendations.

Annual Subcontractor Agreement Forms

Subcontractor Equipment Agreement

Contractor Information Sheet - one page infor-mation sheet listing basic corporate information.

Liability & Workers' Compensation Payroll Work Sheet -Form listing categories of work per-formed, payroll and sales estimates associated with those classes of work,  subcontracted classes of work, and estimated costs associated with those classes of subcontracted work.

Business Automobile Insurance Schedule - Schedule of your business automobiles/vehicles

Driver Information Sheet - Schedule of your drivers

Equipment Insurance Schedule - Form to list your equipment for an inland marine floater.

Property Insurance Schedule - schedule listing your business property: real and personal.


MA Workers' Compensation

2005 HWIC's Workers Compensation "Best Practices" Brochure  -  Seven steps to minimize your workers compensation costs.

Workers' Compensation Application Information Sheets

Certification Letter for Unincorporated Subs W/O Employees - Do you use unicorporated subs? Do they have Workers' Compensation Coverage. If not be sure to use this form and attach it to a Certificate of Insurance for those subcontractors - see Contractor Risk Management suggestions listed above.

Application for Mass Construction Classification Premium Discount Program - Workers' Compensation - Use to apply for the workers' compensation classification discounts for the third quarter each year.

Workers' Compensation Premium Weekly Self Audit Spread Sheet - Excel file

Workers' Compensation Poster - Required to be posted by all employers.

Workers' Compensation Classifications - MA workers' Compensation classification listing of classes and class codes

Workers' Compensation Rates - Effective July 01, 2001.

Workers' Compensation Rates Excel Format - Effective July 01, 2001

Form - ERM-14 - Ma Workers' Compensation form ERM-14

Workers' Compensation Construction Classification  Discount (Special) Program - The Massachusetts Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program has been proposed for employers engaged in construction operations and is applicable to policies eligible for experience rating.